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Tissue Box Covers

Oilcloth Tissue Box Cover

Our designer tissue box cover will compliment any room in the house including your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.  Contains a box of Kleenex tissues and is refillable. Presented in cellophane and hand tied with ribbon.

Approximate Size:    27 x 14 x 5.5 cm

 Price: 20

Tissue Box Cover - Taupe & White Spot

 Taupe & White Spot

Tissue Box Cover - Purple & White Spot

 Purple & White Spot

 Offer Price: 15


 Offer Price: 15

Tissue Box Cover - French Navy Pebble

 French Navy Pebble

Tissue Box Cover - Grey & White Pebble

 Grey & White Pebble

 Offer Price: 15


 Price: 20

Tissue Box Cover - Grey & White Star

 Grey & White Star

 Price: 20


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